About us

SDR Portugal is a Non-Profit Association that aims to create and manage the Deposit Refund System for single-use beverage packaging.

Why a Deposit Refund System?


Because it will enable Portugal to collect and recycle tens of millions of single-use beverage packaging more effectively.


The Deposit Refund System model proposed by SDR Portugal, tested, proven, and aiming for recycling rates of around 90%, will ensure compliance with the demanding environmental goals to which Portugal is bound at European level.


The Deposit Refund System proposed by SDR Portugal is an example of a circular economy, based on the collection, recovery, and recycling of recyclable packaging, with significant environmental benefits. Built on economic incentives for consumers to return single-use beverage packaging – meaning reimbursing consumers, at the time of return, the additional amount they paid when purchasing these products – the Deposit Refund System will ensure highly effective collection and maximize the quality of their reintroduction into the production cycle.


This is a more sustainable and efficient alternative for collecting and recycling because it allows for the treatment of single-use beverage packaging as raw materials rather than waste, as currently occurs.



90% share of the refreshing beverage industry



+ 80% of the share of food retail



SDR Portugal has a group of partners who are aligned with the goal of collecting and recycling more effectively to contribute to achieving ambitious environmental objectives.