The model advocated by SDR Portugal is the most effective and efficient way to help Portugal meet sustainability goals.

Reduction of contaminants

between 18 and 26%.

Reduction in operational and logistical costs

Reduction in marine litter

PET packaging recovered

SDR will more than double the quantity of high-quality recovered PET packaging, providing an opportunity to invest in doubling national PET recycling capacities.

Littering reduction

A reduction of 30 to 40% in total littering and between 70 to 90% in beverage packaging littering, leading to a reduction of between 20 and 40 million euros in cleaning costs per year in Portugal.

+1,500 jobs

SDR Portugal estimates the creation of over 1,500 direct and indirect jobs.

Operational and logistical cost reduction

For municipalities and SGRUs, it can range from 9 to 20 million euros per year.